Market analysis of the free TV (free-to-air TV) in Russia

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Мы помогаем определять конъюктуру рынка, выявляем тенденции развития, объем и темпы ростов рынков России, объемы поставок (импортных и экспортных), оцениваем основных игроков рынка, их сильные и слабые стороны, ценовые политики и многие другие параметры.
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The research report consists of several chapters.

Research Goal

Describe the current state and development prospects of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia.

Research Objectives

  1. To determine the volume, growth rate and dynamics of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  2. To determine the volume and growth rate of free TV (free-to-air TV) production in Russia
  3. Determine the volume of imports to Russia and exports from Russia free TV (free-to-air TV) in Russia
  4. To highlight and describe the main segments of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  5. Describe the structure of free TV (free-to-air TV) consumption in Russia
  6. Determine the market shares of the main free TV (free-to-air TV) market participants in Russia
  7. Describe the competitive situation in the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  8. Draw up various scenarios for forecasting key indicators of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  9. Identify key trends and prospects for the development of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  10. Identify key factors that determine the current state and development of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  11. Identify factors that impede the growth of the free TV (free-to-air TV) market in Russia
  12. Describe the consumer properties of various product groups free TV (free-to-air TV) in Russia
  13. Describe the financial and economic activities of free TV (free-to-air TV) market participants in Russia
  14. Describe plans to expand production / production programs / investment projects of free TV (free-to-air TV) market participants in Russia

To search for existing market information, we use a very wide range of sources. You can find it below. In addition, we prepare some of the data ourselves. All materials that became available to us as a result of the search are subject to processing and analysis.

To obtain unique information about the market, we conduct expert interviews with market participants, which are manufacturers, sales offices of foreign companies, distributors and trading companies.


Data collection methods

The main method of data collection is document monitoring.

The main methods of data analysis are the so-called (1) Traditional (qualitative) content analysis of interviews and documents and (2) Quantitative analysis using software packages to which our agency has access.

Content analysis is performed as part of Desk Research. In general, the goal of desk research is to analyze the situation on the free TV (free-to-air TV) market and obtain (calculate) indicators characterizing its current and future status.

Sources of information

  1. Databases of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation (Rosstat).
  2. Materials DataMonitor, EuroMonitor, Eurostat.
  3. Business and specialized publications, analytical reviews.
  4. Internet resources in Russia and the world.
  5. Expert polls.
  6. Materials of participants in the domestic and world markets.
  7. Research results of marketing and consulting agencies.
  8. Materials of industry institutions and databases.
  9. The results of price monitoring.
  10. Materials and databases of UN statistics (United Nations Statistics Division: Commodity Trade Statistics, Industrial Commodity Statistics, Food and Agriculture Organization, etc.).
  11. Materials of the International Monetary Fund.
  12. Materials of the World Bank.
  13. Materials of the World Trade Organization.
  14. Materials of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  15. Materials of the International Trade Center.
  16. Materials Index Mundi.
  17. Results of research by DISCOVERY Research Group.

The report is accompanied by a processed and suitable for further use database with detailed information about import to Russia and export from Russia free TV (free-to-air TV). The base includes a large number of different indicators:

  1. Product Category
  2. Product Group
  3. Manufacturer
  4. Brand
  5. Year of import / export
  6. Month of import / export
  7. Companies recipients and senders of goods
  8. Recipient countries, senders and manufacturers of goods
  9. The volume of imports and exports in physical terms
  10. The volume of imports and exports in value term

The information contained in the database will allow you to independently fulfill any required requests that are not included in the report.